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You don’t need all this because someone from DIAC will remove all these staples and dividers from your application anyway.

If you want to divide your application up into various sections, then I’d just insert a plain document that has the title of the section in large font at the beginning of the section (e.g. This page can also double as a contents or index page for that particular group of documents.

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My training is based in a psychoanalytic perspective coupled with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and a genuine appreciation for sexual, cultural, and spiritual diversity.

A psychoanalytic view suggests that current problems may be sourced in unconscious patterns, often rooted in the past, that would benefit from attention and understanding.

You don’t want your application to look a university thesis (i.e.

If the application is complete and decision-ready, then you should follow DIAC’s checklist as closely as possible when it comes to putting the various forms and documents of your application into order for lodgement.

You should go through each of the items on the DRC and tick off on the boxes that correspond with the forms and supporting documents that are relevant to your application.

Of course, you need to also ensure that you’ve included all these relevant forms and supporting documents in your application.

This is not absolutely necessary but these separating pages help your case officer immediately identify what documents that they are looking at..

Generally speaking, what you should be providing is various forms of evidence that cover the entire duration of your relationship.

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Documents that demonstrate the sharing of various aspects of your lives are particularly important (e.g.

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